Mister Tim The Funky Introvert

The One-Man Vocal Band
Solo vocal live looping, beatboxing, original music and odd covers
"Organic indie rock, infused with soul, funk, electronica, americana, singer-songwriter, and progressive beatbox hip-hop cerebral PEW PEW PEW... 
... completely from the mouth of Mister Tim. Live-looping beats, bass, melodies, harmonies, fx, and "instruments" with one mouth and one microphone. 
Blending classical training (opera/classical/choral/jazz voice, trumpet, French horn, choral conducting) and decades of immersed-in-everything street training (musical theater, improv comedy, ska/funk/jazz/rock/folk bands, street theater, drum ensembles...) with a unique storytelling voice that is at turns quirky, dark, contemplative, angry, angsty, and odd, Mister Tim's eclectic performances bubble up from the underground, seep into the mainstream, and evaporate into the profound."

Public concerts, music festivals, corporate events, lessons, conferences, workshops.

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